Look at the picture before you read my comments.  You will see why when you read them.



This is a scene I did several months ago when I was trying out some new techniques in composing and coloring scenes with inks.  When I posted it on the yahoo stampscapesII group, it was pointed out to me that the perspective wasn’t quite right.  It has to do with the sizes of the deer in the foreground and the walking people.  Their relative size makes the people appear to be about 10 feet tall.  I didn’t see it until one of my friends on the group, a more experienced artist mentioned it.   Did you notice it?

I really liked the composition, so I redid it several times, fixing the perspective each time.  However, none of the newer scenes really captured the wintry, snowy, feeling of the first one.  Bummer!

Kevin Nakagawa, owner and creator of http://www.stampscapes.com saw several of the scenes, and liked this one the best, flawed as it was. Through the magic of computer technology he “erased” the deer, and turned my scene into an idea card which he sends out occasionally with retail and wholesale orders.  You can see the idea card at http://www.stampscapes.com in my gallery.  Isn’t technology wonderful?

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